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Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully as they are legally binding and constitute the terms and conditions of your agreement entered into with the Villas owner, as defined below, with regard to the hospitality services in the following properties: “Villa Eden”, “Villa Luka”.


The Villas owner is a Bosnian limited liability company Una Resort d.o.o. based in Bosanska Krupa, Drenova Glavica. The guest is a person who rents the Villas, as well as every person – member of the group on whose behalf the Villas are rented and who will be accommodated in the Villas in the respective rental period. The employees of the Villas owner and third parties, present for providing any of the services, with the prior consent of the Villas owner, are not considered guests.


The Villas daily rental rates are available on our web site at the booking enquiry and are quoted in Euros (€). Rates quoted may be subject to change. VAT of 17% is included in the rental rates / price.
Tourist tax is included in the rental rate. Final cleaning fee is included in the rental rate.
The Rental Rate covers the rent of the overall Villas. It is not possible to rent individual units in the Villas.
The invoices for the Rental Rate will be issued in EUR and indicating local currency Bosnian (BKM), as per selling exchange rate of the Bosnian National Bank on the date of invoicing.


The check-in time to the Villas on the day of arrival is at 5 p.m. and the check-out at 10 a.m. on the day of departure.
The guests are obliged to hand over the documents required for the registration at the Tourist office (such as identity cards or passports) to the Villas Staff, immediately upon arrival. People under 18 must be able to show written permissions to travel with accompanying adult from parent(s) or guardian. We do not accept unattended minors under 18 years of age.


The Villas Terms and Conditions and the Confirmation letter contain all the provisions regarding your booking with the Villas. They apply equally to all guests accommodated in the Villas. Your booking concerns lodging in a furnished Villas with services to be delivered by the Villas owner, Villas staff and other third-party provider(s) as may be requested by you.

At arrival to the Villas a security deposit of 200 € is required to cover any damage caused to the Villas. All guests at the Villas are responsible (joint and several liability) for any damages done to the Villas, its content and equipment, Villas staff and third persons, during their stay. The guests are obliged to cover the entire amount of the damages, which will be specified by the Villas owner. The amount of compensation will be deducted from the security deposit. If the cost of damages is higher than amount of the security deposit, the guest is obliged to reimburse to the Villas owner full compensation for the incurred damages.
It is recommended that the guest obtains an insurance policy, which covers accidental damage to the Villas and its contents.
In addition to the security deposit, a services deposit of 150 € will also apply in case of extra services ordered by the guest, payable at the arrival. The Villa owner reserves the right to increase the services deposit should the cost of extra services exceed the initial amount deposited. The Villa owner reserves the right to use the security & services deposit to pay for any unpaid invoices on behalf of the guests on departure from the Villa. The security and services deposit will be returned at the latest 1 month after your departure, reduced by any costs eventually incurred during your stay, including but not limited to the costs of incurred damages. The security & services deposit may be taken as a credit card authorization (Visa, Maestro, Master card) and in cash according to the mid exchange rate of the Bosnian National Bank.

When due, the payments of the Villa Rental Rate are to be made by bank transfer according to the bank details specified in the Confirmation letter or using an online link provided by the Owner. All other payments at the Villas can be made in cash (in local currency only) and with credit card. Cash payments are limited to a maximum of 10.000 BKM. Visa, Master Card and Maestro are accepted.



Should the guest wish to cancel the booking for whatever reason, the cancellation should be made in writing and charges will be levied as follows:
(i) If the guest’s cancellation is made more than five (5) days before the arrival date, a cancellation fee equal to 30% of the total booking price will be charged.
(ii) If the guest’s cancellation is made five (5) days before the arrival date and less , a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the booking price will be charged.
(iii) If the guest does not arrive to the Villas on the day of arrival stated in the Confirmation letter or on another day within the rental period agreed in writing with the Villas Owner, without a prior written notice to the Villas Owner, the guest shall be deemed to have cancelled the booking and the Villas Owner is entitled to offer the Villas to a new party. The above prescribed cancellation fee applies.
A suitable holiday insurance for the duration of guest’s stay at the Villas is advisable. A cancellation insurance to limit the cancellation risk may also be considered. In case of cancellation by the guest, the Villa owner is not liable for any damages incurred by the guest.


If the Villa owner is forced to cancel your booking due to a Force majeure event/natural disaster any money the guest has already paid will be refunded in full. Such circumstances shall include, but are not limited to, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorism, industrial disruption, natural disasters, fire, technical problems adversely preventing entry and use of the Villa, adverse weather, governmental action, and similar events beyond our control.
The Villas owner reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the booking without having to state grounds for the cancellation. In this case the Villas owner will refund in full any money the guest has already paid to the Villa owner.
The Villas owner is entitled to cancel the Villas booking, without having to refund to the guest any amount already paid in the following cases:
(i) If payments are not made when they become due or received by the Villas owner within the time limits as stated above.
(ii) The guest does not comply with the payment requirements (e.g. security deposit or services deposit).
(iii) The group size exceeds the agreed number of guests on the Confirmation letter.
(iv) The guest has given misleading or false information, e.g. identity of occupants, nature of the party, failure to mention any critical facts.
In case of cancellation by the Villas owner according to the terms above, the Villa owner is not liable for any damages incurred to the guest.


For any desired changes to the confirmed booking, the guest must notify the Villas owner in writing as soon as possible. The Villas owner cannot guarantee compliance with the guest’s request, but shall make every attempt to meet the subject request. No refunds will be issued in cases of opting for an earlier check-out date during your stay. All changes must be in writing and are only valid if a new Confirmation letter is issued. The guest hereby agrees to cover any reasonable expenses incurred in making an amendment.


A detailed description of the Villas will be attached in a separate document to the Conformation letter and will constitute an integral part of the Villas rental agreement entered into between the guest and the Villas owner. The Villas management will make every endeavour to ensure that the details, property description and description of facilities and prices contained in the documentation and on the Villas web-site are correct. The guest shall be promptly informed about any modifications hereof.
WELCOME fruits, water, welcome drink upon arrival.


GARDENS & POOL The gardens and pool area are maintained regularly

TOWELS & BED LINEN Towels and bed linen are changed 2 times per week or on demand
Bathrobes, pool towels and toiletries are provided

UTILITY COST Electricity/gas/water is included

SERVICES ON REQUEST AT EXTRA CHARGE (provided by the Villas owner or third-party providers)

Housekeeping is provided for light cleaning (which includes the making of beds, washing-up, emptying of bins and tidying), if the guests want it every day or so, it is not included in the Villas daily rent price.

CONCIERGE SERVICE Concierge service available upon request during day hours and it is not included in the Villas daily rent price.

In addition to the services included in the Rental Rate, extra services at extra charge may be arranged including, but not limited to:
Butler style service, private Chef services, extra cleaning, drinks, and coffee and offer services from third party providers. Services from third parties include, but are not limited to taxi transfers, vehicle rentals, in- villa dining, sightseeing. The guest is obliged to pay the costs of extra services offered by the Villas owner and the costs of any service provided by a third party. All costs must be settled prior to the end of the guests’ rental period. The Villas owner cannot be held liable for any outstanding costs owed by the guest to the third-party provider and reserves the right to deduct any owed costs from the security deposit. Depending on extra services requested be the Guest, the owner reserves the right to request an additional advance payment.
Any services provided by the third parties within the Villas must be authorized by the Villas owner. The Villas owner is not responsible for any services provided by the third parties, and paid to the third parties by the guest, or damages caused to the guests by those parties.
Any service arranged for the guest with a third party will be subject to that party’s terms and conditions of business. The Villas owner makes effort to ensure that all of the third-party providers with which the he usually cooperates provide their services to the highest possible standards.
SPECIAL REQUESTS If you have any special request for supplementary services, you must inform the Villas owner in advance in writing. The Villas owner shall do his best to arrange such requests. The Villas owner cannot guarantee the execution of every request and shall not be liable for the non-execution of special requests.
USE OF PROPERTY The guest shall use the Villas and all premises only for the purpose for which it has been rented to the guest (personal lodging). It is forbidden to use the Villas and/or its premises for any kind of commercial use during your stay unless agreed in writing with the Villas owner. This includes but is not limited to photo shootings, seminars, parties and events.
HOUSE RULES AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS A set of house rules pertaining to rules and safety measures concerning the use of the Villas, its premises or its facilities shall be handed to the guest at arrival and visible to the guest in each Villas unit and in the public areas. The guest should read them carefully upon arrival to the property. Please consider the legal notices in outdoor areas and adhere strictly to these rules and safety precautions. The Villas owner will not be liable for any accidents/injuries to the guests, or the visitors, which occurred during their stay/visit at the Villas. The guests are kindly requested to respect the neighbour’s peace and quiet and keep the noise to acceptable levels during all time, especially during resting hours (11 p.m. – 08 a.m.). The volume of music and TV is to be reduced to appropriate levels after 11 p.m. Outdoors the music should be turned off completely after 11 p.m. If the guest fails to comply with the rules and safety precautions set out in these Terms and Conditions, the house rules and legal notices around the Villas or if in the opinion of the Villas manager a guest or visitor behaves in a manner which is not appropriate, illegal, dangerous or is likely to cause danger or disturbance, damage to the property, its premises or its facilities, the Villas owner reserves the right to prohibit the use of certain areas for the duration of the guest’s stay, to charge an extra charge, or to terminate the Villas rental immediately without refund of any amounts the guest has already paid In this event, the guest will be fully liable for any expenses incurred resulting from his/ her inappropriate behaviour or the behaviour of visitors.
CHILDREN Due to the specific nature of grounds, number of stairs and terraces, young children should be supervised at all times. The supervision of the children is the guests’ sole responsibility.
The Villas staff will not be held responsible for any children left unattended within the Villas area. The safety precautions for children for the pool and pool area described below should be considered at all times.

Villas has a maximum capacity according to legal regulations. Villas Eden and Luka can accommodate 11 guests, Eden five (5) Luka six (6) guests, in total. The maximum number of people cannot be exceeded. The number and identity of guests in a particular rental period, will be contained in the list of guests, which shall be compiled at the Villas immediately upon the arrival of the guests. Only the number of guests confirmed on the Confirmation letter may occupy and use the facilities of the Villas unless agreed otherwise in writing prior to arrival. This number of persons includes also children regardless of their age. At the request of the guest the number of persons can be increased until the maximum capacity. The requested change of the guest number must be submitted in writing. There are to be no parties or any additional people invited to eat or stay overnight without the prior written consent of the Villas owner. In case that permission is given, the Villas owner reserves the right to charge extra for the services provided. Permission of the Villas owner in this regard, does not free the guest from his / her liability for inappropriate behaviour of the permitted visitor. Should the number of guests exceed the maximum capacity of the Villas, the Villas owner reserves the right to refuse the entry to the Villas or terminate the Villas rental without refund, as described above.


Please note that the use of masks is mandatory in the public areas except while eating or drinking. The temperature is taken at all customer and staff entrances with a contactless infrared thermometer. In the event of a fever, for the safety of all, guests will not be allowed to stay at the property. Hand sanitizer stations have been installed at key areas throughout the property. All surfaces are cleaned with increased frequency and strict cleaning norms with specific sanitizing products is implemented for both cleaning and washing of linens, towels and bathrobes. Special attention is given to the door handles, light switches, tables, chairs, floor telephones, AC controls. Air conditioning filters are monitored to ensure increased proper replacement rate for indoor air. High touch items such as pens, notepads as well as magazines and books have been removed from the rooms but will be available upon request and delivered sanitized. Please note that cleaning of rooms with guests inside is not allowed. Breakfast is served according to a hygienic protocol. Guests should avoid congregating with other fellow guests if not of the same family. A hand sanitizer station has been installed in the reception and various info points to promote key messages, such as: proper handwashing procedure (at least 20 seconds, all parts of the hand), respiratory hygiene and coughing etiquette and need for social distancing – all customers and staff are required to respect the minimum safety distance, 2 meters for indoor areas and 1,5 meters for outdoor areas. Tables and chairs are placed to comply with norms.


All of the three properties are completely furnished and decorated; it should therefore be left in the same condition after the guest’s departure. The guest should at all times act carefully with the furniture and equipment and should not touch or move the art and paintings. Any furniture, linen and towels out of the house should not be taken into the garden. Special garden furniture and pool towels are available for outdoor areas. The guest should make sure to understand how any electrical equipment he/she is not familiar with is used and should refrain from changing any existing settings. Manuals for any devices and equipment, or instructions on how to properly use them can be provided by Villas Staff, who should be contacted for help. When leaving the property, the guest must lock the doors to the apartments/rooms, switch off the lights and all electrical appliances (TV, air-conditioning, gas stove…) and turn off the taps. Please note that all rooms have safety deposit boxes. Guests are encouraged to use safety deposit boxes for their valuable personal belongings.


Due to the terraced nature of the Villas exterior, some areas are not secured and are used at own risk. The same applies to the balconies and terraces of rooms/apartments. Use the balconies, terraces and the rest of the Villas exterior on your own responsibility. Children must be supervised by responsible adult at all times.
Please be aware of the wind, and ask the Villas Staff to close the sun umbrellas if it gets stronger. Please be careful with our greenery. There is a gardener who takes care of the garden on a daily basis. When using the outside barbeque in Villas Eden and Luka, the guest must keep the fire under constant control, everything around is very dry during the summer and easy flammable. At all times, keep close a small amount of water to safely turn off the fire in the outdoor barbecue. Keep in mind that Villas areas is under high fire risk, especially during summer months. Please consider that during or after rainy weather the outdoor staircases and floors might be slippery in some areas.


The pool is not supervised. The depth of the pool in all properties is 1.40 m in all parts. The pool is equipped with a floating pool cover. The Villas Staff is in charge of opening and closing the pool cover. It is strictly forbidden to step or walk on this cover. The cover can collapse under the weight of a person or even a small child and possibly result in suffocation. The floating pool cover will return to its original position within 10 to 20 seconds after something has fallen underneath it, thereby concealing a potential drowning victim. The pool is closed every day at 11 p.m. At all times, the guests and visitors are to consider their own safety and the safety of others when using the pool. The pool area is used at the guests’ own risk. The guests and visitors are to comply with the rules and security precautions pertaining to pool area as communicated to you by the staff of Villas and made visible on legal notices in the property.
The following things are strictly prohibited in the pool area:
– The use of glasses, glass bottles and other sharp and breakable items near the pool area. Plastic glasses are available.
– The use of shampoos at the shower near the pool, because the chemicals within may harm the environment.
– Running
– The use of the pool area and pool when under the influence of alcohol or drugs
– Stepping or walking on the pool cover
– Leaving children unsupervised
The direct, visual and active supervision of children is essential and under the guest’s sole responsibility. The swimming pool does not have an alarm system, safety nets or other safety measures designed to prevent the risk of drowning.
To ensure the safety of children the guest should consider the following precautions:
– Never leave young children alone near the swimming pool
– Never leave a child alone in the water, even if they know how to swim, they must always be under the supervision of an adult capable of saving them in the event of an accident;
– Never leave toys or other items floating on the water; they may encourage children to approach the water
– Always fit inflatable armbands of floating costumes on young children.

There is a daily and weekly pool cleaning schedule. The Villas staff will try maintaining the pool at appropriate times in order to minimize disruption, but in some cases, this may be unavoidable. Excessive use of the pool can cause skin irritations which the owner cannot be responsible for.


Pets are allowed in the house, on the responsibility of the guest. They are not allowed to use any furniture, use the swimming pool or go wet indoor. Pets must not go out of the Villas area freely and must not disturb any neighbours or other animals around.


In compliance with the Bosnian law and for the comfort and safety of our guests, a “Non-Smoking” policy is applied in all indoor areas. The Villas owner reserves the right to remove any group of guests breaking this condition from any of the properties without refund of any amount the guest has already paid. In the event that smoking has occurred within the Villas indoor areas the Villas owner reserves the right to demand an additional cleaning fee charged immediately.


On arrival at the Villas the guest will be issued with a number of keys for the Villas. The same number of keys is to be returned to the Villas Staff at the end of the stay. If this is not the case, the cost to replace these keys or to change the lock(s) will be charged up to 50 € per key set. This amount may be deducted from the security deposit.


The guest is personally responsible for any damage caused to the Villas, their furniture, artwork and outside area, either by himself/herself or the persons the guest is responsible for, including visitors. In case of damage event, the guest must contact the Villas owner to report the damage as soon as possible. The guest is also responsible for his/her personal belongings. Guests are encouraged to use safety deposit boxes for their valuable personal belongings. In case of personal injury, the guest should always contact his/her own insurance company and Villas manager. The Villas owner cannot be held responsible for personal injuries. The Villas Staff is available if you need any help.


For anything you need, please contact the Villas manager via phone:  +387 (0)64 433 6145 or via email: The Villas manager is the only relevant representative of the house owner. Members of the Villas staff may be friendly and helpful but they are not authorized to accept requests by the guest on behalf of the Villas owner.


The Villas manager and the rest of our staff will do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible and try to resolve any problems at the earliest possible convenience once informed of the problem. Should you, nevertheless, be unsatisfied with the Villas, their premises or any service offered during your stay, complaints must be given in written form to the Villas manager or via email to:


All personal information of the guests (name, age, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) is kept confidential and will not be passed onto third parties without the guest’s prior written consent.
We will respect the confidentiality of all guests and visitors to the Villas. Specific cases involving sensitive identities should be made explicit to us at time of booking.


In accordance to Bosnian mandatory regulations Villas owner has an insurance coverage against guest accidents and third parties.


Any issues between the Villas owner, guest(s) and third parties shall be resolved by the competent Court in Bosanska Krupa, with the application of Villas Terms and Conditions and the valid laws of the Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Villas owner reserves the right to revise these rules from time to time and will keep the guests informed of any changes. Ignorance of the Villas Rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

Enjoy your STAY!


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